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DreamWearCompany is a Clothing Line called DreamWear.This company was created by Nathan Berg on may 1, 2017 on his 14th birthday. DreamWear was created to inspire others to follow their dreams and achieve their dreams. Everyone has a dream, but how far and how much hard work will he or she put in, to achieve there dreams and goals. Life wasn't meant to just "survive" It was meant to enjoy, thrive, serve others and achieve goals. Unfortunately its this way for many people. They aren't living their passion or to their "Full Potential". But any and everyone can by just making a single choice. Martin Luther King Jr had a dream and so does Nathan. By creating DreamWear it is a way for those who have a dream to realize that they are not alone. If a 14th-year-old teen can start up a company and run it all by himself, then YOU should be able to at least have a chance and work for your Dreams.